St Barts

In the swinging ‘60s and disco-powered ‘70s, celebrities and tycoons, fishermen and freaks, debutantes and drop-outs were all part of the St. Barts tribe — coming together in a classless, carnival atmosphere where nobody slept before sunrise.

the Caribbean’s most
treasured secret

There are many guides to St Barts. This “menu” is our short conversation of our most loved favourites. If you have been to St Barts before you will probably know most of the places below. If you are new to St Barts we hope you enjoy discovering them…

for her

for him


The newest addition to the St Barts food scene is Kinugawa in Gustavia. The first Kinguawa is in Paris and this is Japanese food with a French sensibility. Tastes and textures to tingle your taste buds and leave you feeling light and floaty. The staff are, even by St Barts standards, excellent. For the party vibe we give it a 6 out of 10 which in our book is a perfect 10 out of 10; enough of a party vibe for some holiday fun but the conversation doesn’t get drowned out by the music.


The hot new addition to the beach restaurant scene is Gypsea on Lorient beach. Smart Greek food with a daytime party vibe. The scene here is quite a scene….and is very friendly. Great if you have kids; they will almost certainly make some new holiday friends here, keeping them amused leaving you free to indulge in the BBQ’d food and rose. Overall the food is not quite the standard we have come to expect in our beloved little island. Its a bigger outfit than most and it shows, although just slightly.  Good place to have an all-day beach lounger party day.